Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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This week, the spot light is on:

Title: Rhythm of Secrets
Author: Patti Lacy
Publisher: Kregel Publishing

The Rhythm of Secrets

Sheila Alexander loves a son she doesn't know and a husband who doesn't know her. When that son, a disillusioned and love-sick Vietnam vet, comes knocking, Sheila must risk her present and future to save her son. Will she break her rhythm of secrets at the expense of her pastor husband and his church? Classical music, (found under THE MUSIC link on Patti's website:www.pattilacy.com) is entwined with the story of a guilt-plagued pianist who has lived in New Orleans, St. Paul, and Chicago under three different names.

Patti has also graciously offered to answer some questions about her writing journey.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Pat, I walked in the back door in a BIG WAY! I never thought ONE MINUTE about being a writer…until years after I’d heard a life-changing story. In 2005, that Still, Small Voice whispered, write an Irishwoman’s Tale. In 2005, I signed a contract with Kregel to do just that.

How did you prepare? College courses? Workshops? Books on Craft?

I believe that we all start writing the day we pick up our first Dr. Seuss or storybook. Nancy Drew and Black Beauty helped me find my voice. That love of words prompted me to choose English as a teaching field for my university education degree. A desire to dig into novels led me to master’s work in literature. Then the hard work started. Writing. Editing. Slashing and burning. I devour craft books as well! And paid a really good freelance editor, who hacked a couple of years, I believe, off my wait for publication

Were you writing fiction before you got published?

Just embarrassing love letters and maudlin poetry.

How many years/stories did you write before the first one was accepted?

To date I’ve written four books. All four have been published or are in the process. Don’t forget that my first sentence was written when I was fifty!

I notice Rhythm of Secrets is set in the 60s. Why did you happen to choose this time period? And writing in the suspense genre? (and anything more you want to add to this about time, more exotic settings, characters etc.)

Pat, I’m kinda an iconoclast and remember with nostalgia some aspects of the 1960s. When I read Sandy’s story and saw that it took place in the 1960s, I naturally chose that era.

Thanks to some wonderful research books about WW II New Orleans, I dipped back to pick up my heroine’s early years. It took over a dozen contributors (including firemen, gardeners, cops, a Thai gentleman, a D.C. official) and tons of research materials to write this book!!!

What's your next book/release date we can look forward to? (A quick sentence or two of what it's about to whet our appetites? :)

Ooh, thanks for asking! Bethany House will publish Reclaiming Lily next fall (that is, fall of 2011). The hook, huh?

Two women. Two cultures. One child.

Xia Kai has battled million-to-one odds—and fate—to rise from the ashes of the Cultural Revolution and gain a Harvard medical degree. Yet she longs to fulfill her mother’s last wish and reunite with Lily, the precious lost Kai Fourth Daughter.

Gloria Powell, a former teacher, gained all she ever wanted when China opened its doors for her and pastor husband Andrew’s adoption of eight-year-old Joy.

A private investigator’s report signals the start of Kai’s mission to find her long-lost sister. Will a deadly secret, Gloria’s resistance, or Kai’s own pride doom her quest?
Reclaiming Lily explores issues of sacrifice, faith, and the bond between sisters not only by heritage but in Christ.

Thanks SO MUCH for allowing me to hop onto your blog with such short notice!

And thank you, Patti! I know that deadlines are usually imminent, so I really appreciate that you stopped by to take a moment to share. Remember, if you'd like to be in a drawing for "Rhythm of Secrets", please post a comment--(and leave your e-mail!)

"And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Ph. 4:7 KJV)


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